What Is A Dispute Resolution Agreement


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If this is not the case, the parties may find themselves in a long and delayed process in the forum that they particularly wanted to avoid. The following is a brief overview of the main mechanisms used and how to design pointers. Dispute resolution clauses must be clear as to what they apply to and when they come into play. You should specify: This guide covers the essential issues that you need to consider when designing a dispute resolution clause contract. For example, a progressive dispute resolution clause may provide that the parties negotiate for a certain period of time (p.B 30 days from the notification of one party to the other). If negotiations fail, the parties may transfer the case to a non-binding form of alternative dispute resolution (e.B. Mediation) and, in the absence of a solution, ultimately move the dispute to a binding dispute settlement procedure with a view to a decision. It is possible to rely on a unique approach to dispute resolution, such as mediation. This may be appropriate if the dispute is likely to be a discreet matter.

If a dispute is likely to raise technical or scientific factual issues, arbitration allows the parties to select a tribunal with the appropriate technical expertise. Depending on the nature of the (likely) dispute, this can have great advantages over a court where you can have a trial before a judge who does not have such knowledge and who must have explained in detail (and at great expense) what would otherwise be “given”. A dispute resolution clause defines the procedure by which the parties intend to resolve any dispute that may arise from their contract. It can extend to both contractual disputes (e.g. B disagreements on the meaning and effect of a particular contractual term) and non-contractual disputes (e.g. .B. if Party A negligently accuses B of negligent performance of the contract). There are several methods of dispute resolution, one or more of which may be specified in a dispute settlement clause.

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