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In addition to salary and super, this agreement in principle also provides for parental leave and family leave and domestic violence. After increasing the pressure on the toll through our recent meetings on shipyards and the PAB, we have made a massive breakthrough and reached an agreement in principle that meets the essential requirement – to improve life for you, your friends and your family! This agreement in principle has been a great turnaround and the pressure you have put on TOLL as a member is forcing them back to the table. In this agreement in principle, there are a number of improvements in your professional life. Hours, penalty interest and security were earned and earned to protect payment for the duration of the deal! During the duration of the agreement, your superannuation will be increased to 14.75% – the highest of all carriers in Australia, with annual increases of: Carrier contracts have been suspended and will be negotiated this year. These agreements affect thousands of road, air and commercial transport workers. Dispute resolution and the status quo have been established, while maintaining the current clause. International arrangements have been established and TOLL is committed to working with your TWU to develop best practices and best practices. 2021 is the year we continue to fight to make a difference in our industry for the better. In many ways, 2020 has helped us stop there. 2021 is the year we focus on the changes the transportation industry needs. Consultation and training will be improved, with Mr. TOLL`s commitment to support teacho and participate in training processes in the industry. These increases will also have a safety net if the consumer price index exceeds the combined increase in pay and super – you get what is always bigger.

As far as flexibility is concerned, there will be no change in the time range and your penalties will be protected! They have also gained improved redundancy provisions in case the worst happens. We want all sites in the country to be involved. We want volunteers to join the sector committees and have a say in the right to wages and union conditions in your area. We want change, so let it happen. The first increase is dated July 1, 2017. Home / News / IN-PRINCIPLE AGREEMENT REACHED AT TOLL Full use is assured – with weekend overtime offered to permanent workers and drivers before casual and outdoor rentals. Casual conversion is facilitated by TOLL`s prohibition on refusing to convert inappropriately, including external rents and TOLL people. Their job security was ensured by 30-day payments and protection to cover the costs of homeowners, as well as increased monitoring throughout the supply chain. At the beginning of the negotiations, the tolls told us that we had to accept: this year we are strengthening our campaign for the fight in all sectors and all sectors, for better standards in the field of transport. Whether at the airport, on highways, in cities or in regions, we want to bring our fight for fairer and safer jobs to the doorsteps of customers and governments at the top of supply chains. Without transport workers, Australia stops. We must use our strength to work together in all areas of transportation.

Gradually, we will strategically adopt customers and important sectors to bring them to the table to raise standards in their supply chains. These are just some of the things TOLL told you you had to accept – but as members of the union, you stood up and resisted! We have a plan to reverse the trend. It is about ensuring that transport workers from all sectors come together to fight together.