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8 Swissport Mechanics have the training, knowledge and know-how to meet your company`s support. MaintenanceSwissport GSE and ULD Maintenance Services operate at more than 45 airports in 13 countries and manage a fleet of more than 4,000 units. Our goal is to deliver superior and consistent standards and commitments across our network, provide reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective GSE maintenance, minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Swissport Maintenance Services is committed to improving the efficiency of research and development in the sector, ergo-nomic and environmentally friendly GROUND services MaintenanceRepairEngineeringWarranty AdministrationETOPS signoffTransit/Turnaround servicesAircraft checksGround Support EquipmentMaintenanceScheduled MaintenanceUnscheduled MaintenanceServices Certified Maintenance and Repair of the 2013/2008 ULD EnvirotainerssSGHA /200410 A word from IATAL`IATA STANDARD GROUND HANDLING AgreementThe 2013 version of the IATA STANDARD GROUND HANDLING AGREEMENT (SGHA) in IATA Airport HANDLING SGHA is a dynamic document, reflecting the evolution of GROUND HANDLING`s business over time. 7 The team working within the organization is well trained in security and vulnerability assessments and provides comprehensive solutions to our clients. Swissport Aviation Security customers have the flexibility to choose the right solution; Whether at the local or global level, checkport entities guarantee total flexibility in the acquisition of security services. Our services and know-how in this area are based on more than 20 years of experience in the field of aviation safety, with a clear focus on quality solutions and integrated products for your comfort. Working with a company such as Swissport enables our clients to acquire security services through GROUND HANDLING and Cargo and take advantage of the synergies that are put in place through the integration of security tasks into existing processes, such as: Check-in Security Combined Check-in and Security Services Gate Security Combined Gate and Security Services Cabin Clean – Search Combined Clean and Security Services. the winner of the prestigious faa Certificate of Excellence Diamond Award, is a quality empty of third-party line maintenance services that are present at 27 airports in the United States and four other countries around the world, provid- Swissport Profile 9 Introduction / Advice and toolsSGHA 2013/2008/2004ing Line Maintenance Support for large commercial airlines, both on a line basis and on demand, to ensure that all capital-intensive devices are operating and operating properly.