Security Interest Agreement Sample


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2. ALLIANCES. The debtor is secured and obliged: (a) the security is held with ____ (d) The debtor will not sell, sell or transfer the security rights or interests without the prior written consent of the secured party, and the debtor will retain the guarantees free of unpaid costs (including rent), taxes and pledge rights. (e) The debtor shall execute, alone or with the secured party, a financing statement or other document, or obtain a document and pay the filing fee in all public functions, whenever the deposit is deemed necessary by the insured party. (f) The debtor of insurance at any time with respect to all guarantees against fire, theft and other risks, as well as the amount that the insured party may require. Policies must be paid to both the insured party and the debtor when their interest appears and provides for ten (ten) days` written notice to the insured party. (g) the debtor must carry out all repairs, replacement supplies, additions and improvements necessary to maintain the equipment in good condition and condition. The insured party may, at any time after his election, reduce taxes, deposits or other charges that are collected or placed on the securities, pay rent or insurance due on the securities and may assume responsibility for the maintenance and maintenance of the guarantees. The debtor undertakes to reimburse the secured party, upon request, for all payments made or costs incurred by the secured party in accordance with the above-mentioned authorization. 1. SAFETY INTEREST. The debtor grants the secured party a right of safeguard over all inventories, appliances, appliances, furniture and furnishings that are now or in the future in the ___ The interest in the security guarantees the payment and performance of the debtor`s receivable on an even date in ___