Design Retainer Agreement Template


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An invoice is filed on the 1st of the month and payment is made for the following month no later than the 15th. The day of each month on which this agreement is active. In the event that the customer does not pay the balance within 15 calendar days from the invoice date, the designer may withdraw from the Internet (if applicable) the work created for the customer or keep the work product until the balance is paid. In addition, the designer may collect a late fee of $50 usd plus 2% of the unpaid balance per month, which applies when the invoice is delayed by one business day. Daily prices may change with a period of 30 days. The parties may, by mutual agreement, modify this contract in writing with a period of thirty days. “Written Notice” includes, but is not limited to, emails, as long as the parties explicitly declare that they are modifying this agreement. The biggest challenge of a graphic design job is to transfer the client`s ideas to the actual work…