Cisco Candidate Rules Agreement


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From June to September, the test centre will work irregularly due to the holiday period. Once the test is successfully completed after a certain period of time (usually 1-2 months), the candidate receives the corresponding certificate by mail from the supplier. Until the certificate is obtained, the certification certificate is a report to the results of the exam. Immediately after the end of the test, the candidate receives a printed report containing the test results. After paying for the test on the site, you must contact us to issue a passport to the Institute. Virtual University Enterprises was founded in 1997. This global e-test service currently has more than 3400 approved test centers in more than 120 countries. The registration, the choice of the test time and the payment of the test are made on the website of the Since November 2005, the MIREA Network Management and Telecommunications Center has been one of Virtual University Enterprises` authorized test centers. Pearson VUE is part of Pearson Education Corporation, a world-renowned test provider that offers computer-based certification testing for products from leading software vendors like Cisco Systems, CompTIA and many more….