Access Licence Agreement Template


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This type of agreement allows Harvard researchers who are starting a new company to license non-patentable, copyrighted software they have developed as part of faculty research efforts. In cases where there is patentable content such as unique algorithms, please read the “Basic Exclusive License” model agreement published above. This agreement takes the form of an access license that legally gives the owner who carries out the work access to the country of the owner of the estate for a certain period of time, under a number of well-designed conditions. Remember that the more access the contractor has for each day, the more they complete the work. It is therefore important to try to allow good working hours. The licence is on the premise that the factories concerned are not main works and that access is only necessary for a short period, for example. B less than a week. The goal of the cleanup plan is to ensure that the neighbor`s land is maintained as close to the condition as possible before access. The access licence confirms the duration of access to the neighbour`s land and also confirms the hours and days of work that the contractor can do on the neighbour`s land. This reduces the nuisance caused by the construction work while ensuring that the work can proceed at a good pace of work.

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