Us Dual Citizenship Agreements


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Reference: Like many other Ibero-American countries, the Peruvian Constitution of 1993 explicitly stipulates that nationals of Latin American and Spanish countries do not lose their nationality when acquiring Peruvian nationality. In practice, multiple nationality is recognized and accepted by Peru and its consular and diplomatic staff. Here is a reference. Reference: Mongolian citizens must not simultaneously have the nationality of more than one foreign nation. If a foreigner wishes to acquire Mongolian nationality, he must have lost the citizenship of the nation concerned. If the legislation of the nation concerned provides for the loss of citizenship upon acquiring the citizenship of another nation, then the end of citizenship may not be necessary. Here is a reference. In Egypt, citizens of two states cannot be elected to Parliament. [Citation required] Dual nationality is accepted in Ireland, which also offers citizenship to people of Irish descent.

U.S. law does not mention dual nationality and does not require a person to choose either nationality. A U.S. citizen can naturalize in a foreign state without his or her U.S. citizenship being threatened. Individuals who acquire a foreign nationality after the age of 18 while fighting can renounce their U.S. citizenship if they wish. To renounce U.S. citizenship through naturalization as a citizen of a foreign state, the law requires that the person be voluntary and with the intention of renouncing U.S. citizenship, which must apply for foreign citizenship. The intention can be demonstrated by the person`s statements and behaviour.

A 2007 scientific study concluded that citizens of two states had a negative impact on the assimilation and political attachment of first-generation Latin immigrants to the United States:[72] Haiti does not recognize dual nationality. Children of Haitian parents who obtain a foreign passport by birth can keep both nationalities until the age of 18, which they must choose. they wish to retain or lose their Haitian citizenship. Citizens of Palau may have dual nationality.