Tenancy Agreement Lost Keys


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One could perhaps say that the word “lost” implies that there is an error in the name of the tenant, for example, of losing keys by leaving them on the bus, when there can be no guilt on your side if they were stolen by smuggling them into the street. I was harassed and had my house keys in my purse (which had no identifiable data to track my home address). My landlord wants to commit me to changing the 4 security locks (2 at the main door and 2 at the apartment door, which are all security locks) and make available 2 sets of spare keys for the 8 apartments in the building, including 5 other sets for me, the owner and the owner. Smart locks don`t make keys or input codes. Smart locks allow you to easily touch the lock and the door opens via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, voice commands or a mobile app. These may be more expensive, but it might be worth it, as smart locks can be an additional selling point. With this option, tenant closures will certainly be a things in the past. The landlord wants to use keys that a tenant cannot copy (restricted key track, something like the Mul T Lock Interactive Plus); This requires an expensive lock and a key that can only be copied by the manufacturer of the lock. Therefore, copies of the keys are also expensive. Then there is the cost of always the new keys to all tenants quickly, because some of them may be on vacation, etc. (The landlord does not seem to calculate for these administration fees.) the ironic point of this is even worse, she is a policeman and some time later in the conversation with her indicated that if she had insurance , it would have been much easier on it, since his pocket key was found intact three days after all the locks had been changed, the locksmith was good for her, although he agreed that, as he did not have the keys to the locks he had replaced, he would have brought her back to her, now she is a seriously unhappy rabbit , because it has locks with keys and no doors To fit them and the keyrings to the doors they will not open because they have been recoded Are My country of rental:18 Block 18.1 The tenant will not install or change locks in the premises without the prior written consent of the owner, except in case of emergency. 18.2 The Tenant agrees that, in the case of an additional key, the tenant will hand over all the keys to the lessor after the lease is concluded and, in the event that such keys have been lost, the tenant agrees to pay the landlord any reasonable costs incurred by the landlord by replacing the locks to which the lost keys belong. 18.3 The tenant agrees that if a castle is installed or modified in the premises without the landlord`s prior written consent, the tenant will remove it and replace it immediately if requested by the landlord, and repair the resulting damage.

Under the terms of the standard lease, you agree: it is delicate, how can it be proven in all cases that the keys were stolen or simply lost. And we`re going to make details with them or not? It`s just someone`s testimony, but no evidence. Perhaps an answer would be to add lost key insurance to the owners` content policy if the premium was not significant. Counting on tenants to make this insurance could be risky and their individual deposit could not cover the costs in a roommate, only where the replacement of the keys would be higher. The problem is, I suppose, if the cost of keys about $20 people would be less likely to argue about it.