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Your PROTEC17 negotiating team met on the evening of November 20 at the Trade Union Office to count votes on the preliminary agreements we recently reached with the City of Seattle – both on master`s and municipal court contracts – and both were overwhelmingly adopted by members. Only students who use generic accounts to access the network must sign paper versions of the network usage agreement. Paper versions of internet access agreements should be kept in the building. As in the past, a form signed by a student is valid for the duration of the student`s time in a school. If the student changes schools, a new form must be signed. “Teams are checking the data to determine if the student needs personal services to make significant progress in their IEP objectives and to determine how human services can be delivered safely and in accordance with health guidelines,” the agreement states. The union is due to vote on the contract on Friday and details have not been publicly disclosed, but a project gathered by KUOW sets more concrete expectations in terms of staff and students than in the chaotic mode of crisis of the spring, when the pandemic was new. The agreement would also allow schools and staff to be more flexible than the borough had previously proposed. As of August 31, 2009, all students with an individual network account will be required to electronically accept the Seattle Schools network usage agreement when they first connect to the Seattle Schools network and if the agreement is amended. (Board Policy 3540) If you do not accept the agreement, students will not be able to access the network. Students who use generic accounts to access the network must continue to sign a paper version of the network usage agreement.

Many families of specialized educators have complained about the scarcity – if not the lack of services – for their children in the spring. This fall, the district pledged to take personal care of specialized educators if their needs could not be met remotely. However, the agreement stipulates that the borough must first complete a long list of health and safety devices before requiring staff to come face to face with the students. The interim agreement is expected to be revoked Friday night by the Seattle Education Association`s representatives. It must then be approved by a vote of the school committee. The electronic adoption of the agreement is centralized, so schools are not required to keep additional documents. If a student does not accept the agreement, they do not have access to the network. On Wednesdays, college and higher education teachers would allow at least 35 minutes to register online with students and support their social/emotional needs, as well as extra time for live classes, small groups and contact with families.