Pattullo Bridge Community Benefits Agreement


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“It wasn`t the most transparent process,” he said. He recalls the opportunity to discuss the CBA with Minister Claire Trevena with a number of contractors of different sizes and agreements with unions. Todd Strynadka, former president of the BC Road Builders – Heavy Construction Association, was invited a few years ago to engage in public service agreements. In general, a CBA is an agreement that establishes recruitment rules for publicly funded infrastructure projects such as schools, roads and dams. The Pattullo Bridge replacement project as part of a CBA is an example of a publicly funded infrastructure project. In 1994, the Christian Labour Association of Canada questioned the proposed employment contract for the construction of the dam on the Columbia River and argued that the requirement for workers to join a construction union is an unfair labour practice. The BC Labour Relations Board found that the requirement was not contrary to B.C.`s labour code and dismissed the challenge. With a budget of $8 million per year and a current workforce of 32, BCIB is responsible for implementing the framework for the province`s municipal services. “The current bridge has had to be replaced for years and I am proud that our government is doing so in a way that benefits the local community with good jobs and training opportunities,” Prime Minister John Horgan said in a statement. “It`s all part of our job to keep people and goods moving, while building a strong and sustainable B.C.” The latter was the first major B.C.

construction project with participation and training actions for women, and for the first time, capital measures were part of a project agreement on a highway project in Canada, according to a 2000 study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). As part of the $1.4 billion project, a new four-lane bridge will be built with wider lanes connecting Surrey and New Westminster. CBAs contribute to the completion of public projects on time and on budget and provide benefits to the municipalities in which they are built. CBAs ensure that taxpayers` money is reinvested in local communities and that there is a lasting legacy of experience, skills, training and employability among the workers who built the project. “This agreement ensures that traditionally under-represented tradespeople and apprentices benefit from competitive, equal and transparent wages and skills development,” she wrote. Work is expected to begin this year and open the new bridge in the fall of 2023. “But it`s not too late to build and open the bridge in 2023 with six lanes,” Anita Huberman, executive director of the Commerce Commission, said in a press release. The ICBA and the Christian Labour Association also questioned the Constructionors Ltd.

employment contract for the Vancouver Island Highway project, saying it violated workers` freedom of association. The BC Labour Relations Board disagreed.