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What if I sent a bad syntax, they still charge me a fee? Yes, yes. All SMS messages with a wrong format or mobile phone numbers that were not registered in the program are charged P2.50 per text for Globe, Smart and Sun subscribers. The Security Bank Corporation website or the SBC Corporate website is regularly updated and improved. New content is added as soon as it becomes available. Although we have done everything in our power to properly maintain the information, the accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed. The seals and logos of the Security Bank Corporation and its products are copyrighted and may not be used in other electronic or written publications without the express written permission of The Security Bank Corporation. You can call our SBC helpline at 8887-9188 or call a The main amount of covered transactions under a) to (d) is the amount of the staggered payment. You should keep a good credit rating to be eligible for one of these rate systems. However, the final qualification remains subject to credit assessment and your credit limit.

For these temperable transactions, we may require a minimum situation. Are my SMS requests billed? All SMS requests and confirmations with the right format are FREE for Globe and Smart. Where can I get the discount? The discount will be credited to your account. The discounts on qualified purchases that were booked from the 13th of the previous month to the 12th of the current month are reflected in your current SOA month. z.B. Discount on qualified purchase on November 13 will be booked on your SOA dez discount on qualified purchase on November 12 will be reflected on your Nov SOA. As a general rule, an additional payment on your credit card is not allowed and is not part of your credit limit or cash advance limit. In cases where overpayment is made after all billed credit card balances have been offset, the overpayment pays no interest and is used as payment on your subsequent transactions. The repayment of the credit is subject to authorization and the costs incurred. Payments that exceed the total amount and/or credit limits and accounts with assets may be subject to the monitoring and reporting obligations provided by the AMLA REGLEMENT as amended.

Automate payments with your credit card and remember only 1 due date. Yes, yes. All SMS messages with a bad format or mobile phone numbers that were not registered in the program are charged P2.50… How much can I use in the salary advance? Minimum amount to use: P5,000.00 Maximum Amount to Use: Credit Limit Assigned How can one be accredited? Employers can accredit themselves to the security bank team and submit the necessary documents for accreditation. What is Single Limit? Single Limit is the total credit limit you have been given on all credit cards in your security bank. This is the maximum amount a cardholder can spend on one of the cards, provided that the sum of the remaining balances on all cards does not exceed the single limit. Buy and pay online with your Security Bank credit card. It`s quick and easy to apply with our 100% online credit card app. What happens if I lose my cell phone number, I can still use SALAD? Yes, yes. Simply request a change to your mobile phone number via our customer service hotline at 8887-9188. Please allow 3 bank days to process your application You can calculate the monthly payment using the following formula: You can contact us and submit the required documents for accreditation.